Strategically rethink, analyse & innovate around the power of technology

We assist identifying and catalysing value, innovation and creative business development by  –

  • Strategic Business DevelopmentStrategic business analysis, industry and market research –  risks and opportunities in innovation & ways to do things differently
  • Creative start up thinking, bringing ideas and innovation to the forefront in business
  • Design thinking to map customer journeys and value propositions to create innovative business models
  • Taking a business idea from concept to fruition – feasibility,  teams, strategic market focused thinking, investment, operational set up, market distribution, and business systems development maximising the power of the internet
  • Leveraging technology shifts and the power of the internet, mapping and enabling transformations in the ways a business relates to its staff, its clients, its supply chain, its markets and its partners
  • Harness the power of imagery to communicate and enable experience
  • Position  IT systems, infrastructure  and communications tools to better support  business and market engagement
  • Source and developing software tools, focussing on IoT automation to achieve efficiencies in processes, customer services, data quality, accountability and reporting
  • Research intellectual property strategically, including understanding patent dependencies, patent development, and options for leveraging into market benefit
  • Supply a creative workshop space for people located near us- half our office is  a purpose designed space for thinking differently see Rust 490