Our team

Around Dolphin is a  professional if eclectic network of partners, consultant thinkers and do-ers who fit with our core team  to brainstorm and to supply service. Collectively we find and offer a high degree of project and business fit with our clients.

Our core team.


strategic creative thinker
economist and business analyst 
quests to understand “innovation”  

Jude is an experienced consultant in strategic thinking, indicators of performance and of business value, and in high value partnerships for innovative change and re invention.

UntitledOriginally qualified in economics and in public health and supported by transformative executive management training, Jude has consulted in an extraordinarily diverse range of industries throughout her 30 year career, developing her expertise across the different sectors of private, public and social enterprises. Her approach to people, business and strategy is deeply grounded in the continuum from local to global market-places.

Working with leadership and operational teams, and with communities of practice, Jude focusses on understanding customer led perceptions of business value and performance, and on leveraging technology for transformation to create pathways for refreshing strategic and operational value in the market.

Jude is also a co-founder and Lead Activist in Rust 490-in Darwin, an emerging business enabling people, ideas, and communities to flourish through fearless dialogue, team work, creativity, and clever technology.



technology and systems analyst
software developer
process automation expert
strategic IP researcher

Originally qualified in electronics, PB has designed and produced software for personal computers since PCs were available in 1984, and has consulted in information technology Untitledsince 1977 for diverse industry applications. PB is experienced in

  • information technology strategies and setting up business systems
  • systems architecture advice and systems migration
  • systems design and software development
  • workflow analysis
  • data interrogation and discovery
  • converting ideas to business systems, finding inventive and innovation change points, researching and consolidating intellectual property.

PB advises clients on product and intellectual property development for global market positioning, capitalising on his experience in software and device patent development in an escalating  Internet of Things era.