Welcome to Dolphin

We focus on people’s creativity and on team work for impact, on technology as an enabler, on making work easier for people, and on the discovery and integrity of organisational data fit for purpose.

We analyse businesses strategically, and we think in systems.

We assist people to navigate ways to foster the value of ideas, creativity, innovation, measurement and intellectual property to meet market challenges and opportunities in a technology connected, digitally driven customer-centric era.

Our work is informed by a deep understanding of our local community, our environments, our technologies, and how we live and work in Australia as part of a connected global market place.


Questions trigger our business relationships. People looking for answers, insights, opportunities and ways to resolve blockages.

  • How do I… ?
  • Can we…?
  • What if we could…

Here are some of the ways we can help understanding, analysis and action –

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