Welcome to Dolphin

We offer strategic business development services, leveraging from the power of the internet to transform a business and shift markets, coupled with our experience in understanding the ways people interact with technology and systems in business.


We appreciate how a business’ ecosystem is impacted by technology, processes, systems, teams and leadership, influencing people’s focus, performance and happiness at work.

And we can help a business maximize the power and value of measurement, innovation, creativity, partnerships, ideas, and intellectual property, developing to meet market challenges and opportunities in a technology connected and digitally driven and customer-centric era.

Our client relationships often start with the words “How do I… ?” or “What if…?”  with questions about opportunities or blockages in their business. Here are some of the ways we can help understanding, analysis and action,

  • Measure, understand and use indicators of value across a business
    • use feedback and surveys about people’s experiences and perceptions to measure value and engage or connect with people 
    • understand when to start a survey or feedback project – and when not to!
      • analyse honestly risks, opportunities and value before you start, and then specify the execution of a successful project – or not
    • compare perceptional data on value with operational excellence indicators
    • work from the inside out and the outside in – with customers, agents, staff, suppliers, and partners-  or take a 360 degree view of a business’ value across its ecosystem
    • find the points of risk and opportunity to shift and transform a business
  • Establish dashboard indicators, review performance, quality for the end customer, efficiency and partnerships
    • agree key performance indicators for projects or an organisation, review performance, evaluate service quality, map customer journeys, evaluate and optimize alliances and partnerships
  • Strategically re think and analyse ways to innovate, re invent and build businesses
    • strategic business analysis, industry and market research
    • risks and opportunities in leveraging the immense capacity of the internet in a global market
    • use creative start up thinking – bringing ideas and innovation to the forefront in business
    • maximize the power of imagery to communicate
    • position  IT systems, infrastructure  and communications tools to better support  business and market engagement
    • research Intellectual Property to leverage IP into market benefit

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