Understand impacts, analyse performance, review & automate processes

Understanding performance and impact in a business does not rely on financial measures alone. The creation of greater value also rests on non-financial drivers and their measurement.

Measure and Understand

In contemporary management diverse multiple frameworks or lenses are applied globally as alternative ways to assess an organisation’s impact. Well beyond the longstanding triple bottom line.

We help sift indicators of perceived and experienced value, finding the most robust and useful indicators (strategically and operationally) for rapidly producing prototype dashboards – “at a glance” measures of perceived and operational value and performance.

As the world of big data escalates the ability to evaluate and measure performance is increasingly sophisticated, and increasingly necessary.

Customers are the lens to the world of opportunity 

Customers offer insights and direct uncompromising feedback on their experiences and perceptions of value, and their operational metrics on diverse measures are ears and eyes for improved value propositions inside the business and in the market.

  • How do customers experience service? How can hand over points in the customer service chain be improved?  How do customers perceive a business’ strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities?
  • What are customers’ “why cant we do this…?” questions ?
  • How do service experiences and perceptions change for different customer segments?
  • How do the most important customers see a business’ position in the market? Are customers most important by the $$ they bring to a business, by the influence they exert in the market?

Analyse, and analyse again; Review, rethink, and automate   

Rethinking and reviewing how business processes work and automating workflow not only generates immediate and continuing benefits in performance and in cost efficiency, it removes or reduces people’s frustration with things that drive them crazy.

Incorporating a tight alignment with business strategy is essential, creating with clients a road map for business systems and technology innovations and more effective working relationships and processes in service delivery to end clients

Review Business ProcessesWe enjoy working with customer-focused organisations from the inside, helping create a quality discipline with staff based on customer experiences, continuous feedback, alignment with personal goals, team learning, and communities of practice.