Our approach

Dolphin - our approach_cloudWe think strategically with collaboration. and agility.

Every client project is informed by strategic research to understand contemporary drivers, technologies  and operational contexts across the marketplaces.

Every project includes high level mapping of the eco system of an organisation to understand perceptions of value, starting with customers and their journeys, supply chains and alliances, leadership cultures, and how teams work.  Experiences and perceptions of each impacts an organisation’s or team’s success, risks, reputation, measurement or evidence base, and opportunities.  And we look for data with purpose.

We look for the break through points.

We work collaboratively in a loose network of highly talented diversely skilled people, able to contribute 100% to wildly differing projects. And we always work with technology, risk, data, opportunity and systems supporting people to achieve their intent and happiness in business.

We appreciate conversations about ways to find greater mutual value. It’s challenging, and it’s rewarding. Important to us is-

  • Listening, with respect for people’s opinions and personal situations
  • Direct conversations
  • Personal and professional learning
  • Questing for a truth
  • A sense of privilege in the trust people place in us.