Our tools

In our client work we call on a suite of established tools, practices and related technical resources –

  • Strategic and market research
  • Interviews and workshops methods and tools
  • Mapping processes involving a key group eg clients, staff, board, suppliers, people of influence
  • Methodological approaches for ways to obtain and use feedback, including design, communications, sampling, outputs or results in line with intended outcomes
  • Confidentiality and privacy compliance checklists
  • Information management and information technology security protocols
  • Execution tools for feedback projects, including forms for customised data acquisition and secure automated records collation, supported by analytical and reporting templates with powerful workflow automation for rapid reporting, for multiple audience and organisational structure profiles
  • Executive reporting and thematic analysis presentation
  • Information technology systems, analysis, technical and programming tools
  • Project management tools
  • Digital and social media communications tools
  • Graphic design, photography and image presentation tools.

When we identify skills or a knowledge expertise for a project that we do not have on hand, we find the complementary skills in our collaborative professional network.