Our projects

A selected list of client projects

Understand performance and impact

  • Understanding clients and staff perceptions of value and service quality for continuous improvement
  • Understanding staff opinions for strategic fit with annual organisational performance benchmarking
  • Understanding staff feedback about work, and opportunities for improved management practices
  • Invitation to the public to give feedback on experiences of discrimination, on perceptions of impact and on the value of support and advocacy services
  • Community consultation after a public event inviting all participants, all sponsors, all volunteers, and all audiences to consider what worked well and what could have been better
  • Invitation to all audiences and ticket buyers for structured feedback about their experience of arts Festival events
  • Reviewing the value of a software implementation for input into corporate change management plan
  • Developing internal talent for leadership using 360 degree feedback – finding value in our people
  • Understanding a professional practice community’s experiences, work /personal and family life balances, qualifications, career choices, and remuneration, and value in association membership
  • How do we create indigenous employment? A staff opinion survey

Review performance, tighten processes, improve service quality for end customers

  • Reviewing the effectiveness of training and change management after a SAP Business Warehouse upgrade
  • Operational excellence review
  • Clinical documentation practice audit recording and compliance reporting
  • Developing service level agreements for corporate support services
  • Reviewing business processes and usage of geographical information systems and opportunities for efficiency
  • Managing all nominations of student for annual Literacy Achievement Awards across 178 schools
  • Reviewing quality of services experienced by customers and identifying performance improvement strategies
  • Performance and experience feedback “on the fly” from trade show visitors
  • Benchmarking performance and mapping service improvement for internal customers of the Asia Pacific Finance Team
  • Performance review of corporate support service quality and gaps
  • Risk management benchmarking of Local Government Practices in managing infrastructure assets
  • Reviewing and measuring staff satisfaction
  • External client service quality and satisfaction review and internal corporate services performance review

Strategic research and advice for business development 

  • Strategic research and advice on market gaps and opportunities for business ideas and development in specific markets
  • A review of information technology opportunities to transform the growth of industry sectors to meet the global marketplace opportunities
  • A formal economic impact analysis of the Darwin Festival
  • Research and review of specific patent market gaps, prior art dependencies and opportunities in the global English language patent market places
  • Fostering start up ideas and innovation in established businesses.