Test Survey Page (DOB)

Department of Business – Staff Opinion Survey Setup – Test and set up Web-Form Page

If you’ve stumbled onto this page without being directed here, please do not enter any information into this form.
It is here for test purposes only.
Thank you.

Here is your form :

Department of Business Staff Opinion Survey

To embed this form in your web site use your browser’s ‘View | Source’ menu command and search for the word ‘launchsurvey’.

You need to add two (2) sections to your web sites HTML to correctly link and popup the web-form:

  • The java script function ‘launchsurvey’ – add to the top of the page.
  • The correctly formatted <a> tag line to link to cause the form to launch and popup.

And that’s all you need to do to host the web-form!

If it doesn’t work suspect that the ‘launchsurvey’ code has not been copied or installed correctly or that the HREF line is incorrect.